About Me

I am an engineer and startup founder based in Silicon Valley. In my past life, I was a tank platoon commander in the Singapore Armed Forces and also led recruitment for Shopback (a Series E startup in Singapore) before I arrived in the US and earned my B.Eng in Computer Science from Cornell University.

I enjoy leading teams to tackle highly ambitious projects, and have worked in wildly different domains from the military, to ecommerce, to biotech and now in self-driving vehicles.

My Work

As an engineer, I consider myself as a full-stack across web frontend, backend, infrastructure, data and ML. I have an especially strong background in data processing and management for Machine Learning and scientific research, having done this in some really challenging domains (biotech and self-driving vehicles).

Places I have worked at and projects I have worked on include:

Eventual (YCombinator W22)

I Co-founded Eventual, which is building the data platform for binary data.

We are building our data engine Daft as an open-sourced product. It is a data engine like Spark, with a Dataframe frontend API, but highly tuned for workloads on binary type data such as images, video audio and more.

Learn more at www.getdaft.io.

Lyft L5 (Acquired by Woven Planet)

At Lyft L5, I was part of the inaugral L5 ML platform team that was responsible for building the data and compute tooling that powered all ML efforts at L5.


At Freenome, I pioneered and built the Research Platform team with 2 other founding engineers. Together, we built from scratch some of the foundational systems that continue to power Freenome’s cancer research platform today.


At Shopback, I led recruitment and HR. I doubled the company size and built teams from scratch in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Singapore Armed Forces, Tank Battalion 48SAR

I was a Lieutenant of the Singapore Army - Platoon Commander, 3rd Company, 2nd Platoon.

Cornell University

At Cornell, I was involved in computational biology research, on-campus startups and venture capital.

On the News

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